COVID-19 Update

Easing of Visitor Restrictions update from 30 October 2021

The Care Facilities directions, which set the restrictions in care homes, have now been updated by the Chief Health Officer, the changes to visiting restrictions at our home have been detailed below. 

The key changes to the Directions and updated requirements for visitors to our home include: 
Face Mask requirements

  • All workers and visitors are required to wear face masks indoors and outdoors at all times while at the home. Masks must cover the mouth and nose.


  • Visitors are permitted into aged care homes
  • Up to 5 visitors (including dependants) at any one time per resident (subject to density limits).
  • There is a limit of up to 5 visitors per resident per day. 
  • There is no daily limit on the number of visitors for end of life care visits. End of life means where a resident’s death is expected within 28 days or less.
  • Where visitors are not fully vaccinated, visits must only occur outdoors, they should not occur in common areas.
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter if they:
    • ­have symptoms of COVID-19
    • ­have had a COVID-19 test because they have symptoms or have attended an exposure site and are waiting for the result
    • ­are required to isolate or quarantine
    • have had contact with a COVID positive person in the past 14 days
    • have arrived into Australia from overseas within the past 14 days

Prospective residents

  • Visits by prospective residents are allowed.
  • They can be accompanied by up to 4 people.
  • Only one such visit can occur at any one time.
  • There is no limit on the number of prospective residents that can visit over the course of a day. 

Density Limits 

  • Density limits apply to communal spaces that are accessed by visitors.
  • They do not apply to resident lounges that visitors do not access or resident rooms
  • Current density quotients limit visitors to one person for every four square metres. Residents going out
  • Residents can leave their aged care facilities for outings; there are no longer limits on leaving the home.
  • As with all Victorians, residents are required to comply with relevant restrictions such as wearing facemasks.

Resident Screening and Testing

  • Testing residents with COVID compatible clinical and/or epidemiological risk factors.
  • Enhanced screening and testing on admission or return to facility from leave.
  • Residents found to have visited listed exposure sites to be tested and managed as at risk COVID-19 until results known.
  • Rapid Antigen testing is available at our homes for enhanced screening of residents and staff. 

Visitor and Workforce Declarations and Screening

  • Enhanced focus on screening visitors and staff and continuing daily workforce attestations, including mobility declarations.
  • Visitors and staff found to have visited exposure sites are not permitted to enter the home until they have returned a negative test result.
  • People who have worked or volunteered in hotel quarantine in the last 14 days must not work in or visit residential aged care homes.

Visitor and Workforce Check-in

  • All workers and visitors must check in to the facility using the homes Zipline check in system 
  • All workers and visitors must check in to the facility using the Service Victoria check-in app.
  • Residents do not need to check-in.
  • Emergency workers attending an emergency do not need to check-in.

These changes above reflect the advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee about the importance of visits for the health and wellbeing of aged care residents and the need for restrictions in aged care to be eased.

We welcome visitors back into our home however there remains a significant risk of transmission.  As such we remind all visitors to take all precautions relating to the use of face masks, sanitising of hands and locations of visits restricted to the residents bedroom or in outdoor spaces. 

  • We have an online booking system for Visitors which is be our preferred booking system going forward. Instructions on how to access the online booking system and the Zip Line visitor check in device will be emailed separately this afternoon.
  • In the mean time please contact the home manager, lead clinical staff in charge or administration staff prior to coming to the home for the so we can book a suitable a visiting time within our visiting hours which currently are Monday to Friday 0930am to 430pm and Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays from 1pm to 4pm .
  • All Visitors and workers (including non-essential staff and contractors) are required to wear face masks when in any indoor and outdoor space.  Visitors must not have a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or more; 
  • Upon entry, use hand sanitiser for 20 seconds;
  • Report to reception, have your temperature checked through the completion of the homes Zip Line electronic sign-in declaration and the state government QR sign-in;
  • Visitors must follow infection control procedures, such as regular handwashing and social distancing with staff, residents and your loved one. Visitors are also required to wear single-use OC Health supplied masks at all times while inside the residence, even in a resident’s room;
  • When wearing your face mask, it MUST cover your nose and mouth at all times.
  • If you are unwell at any time after your visit, please alert the Residence Manager immediately.

Visitors are not be permitted to enter a care facility if you:

  • are awaiting a COVID-19 test result (unless you are being tested in accordance with the Surveillance Testing Industry List and Requirements)
  • are unwell with any symptoms of COVID-19 or have a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, or any symptoms of a fever such as night sweats or chills
  • have arrived in Australia within the last 14 days, unless you have come from a green travel zone via a ‘quarantine-free flight’
  • have had known contact in the past 14 days with a person who was a confirmed case of COVID-19, or are self-isolating and have not yet been given clearance to exit
  • have visited a Tier 1 exposure site and have been advised to immediately isolate, get a COVID-19 test, and remain isolated for 14 days.
  • are self-isolating and have not yet been given clearance to exit

If you would like to discuss current visiting arrangements or have a particular request, please do not hesitate to speak with the home manager or lead clinical staff member.

Outings should be kept to a minimum at this stage given the significant risk of transmission in the community at present. Further residents must avoid large public spaces and gatherings such as large shopping centres, supermarkets and other high risk areas particularly where areas with high density of people. On return to the home residents will be screened ongoing for signs of clinical deterioration to allow early escalation and testing for COVID-19.

If you need further support, you can also contact the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) on 1800 700 600.

Please keep in touch with your loved ones through electronic means such as face time or window visits which can be arranged through contacting Lifestyle staff on the details below.

We will publishing regular updates to the OC Health website which can be found in the following link

We value your feedback so please feel free to call the administration team on 5222 4018  or email  at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.


OC Health
Nov 1st, 2021